Tumblin' with Dr_Teng


one of my favorite things is when you give a baby your finger and they hold on to it as tight as they can. it’s funny because they don’t even come close to having the amount of muscle power i do. do you really think you can hold me here haha. i’ll crush you

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FOUR SWORDS PARTY LINKS GO! I feel like I gained quite a few followers after this post, so HELLO. Here are some more fun photos with and without party gear! We are wearing these Saturday night at Dragon Con with a whole rainbow army of Party Links, so come have a drink with us!!!

Blue: Yours Truly
Green: StarDustShadow
Red: Robtachi
Violet: Dr Teng

Top three photos: Judith Stephens
Bottom three photos: Nicole Ciaramella

I’m off to Dragon Con tomorrow morning, and instead of photographing this madness, on Saturday night I will also be participating in it - as a black & gray Link! (Maybe also photographing it on the side.)


Smoke Art

"Jim Dingilian has an amazing technique for creating art out of old bottles. He fills them with smoke and then scrapes away the coating left inside the glass by the smoke.”

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